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Our Spirits

Some of the best experiences happen when you take things slow. It’s no different with flavor. Our small-batch liquors are creatively handcrafted and vapor infused with all natural molasses, fruits, and wine bases. 

Handcrafted small batch liquor

Creative formula development

Creative formula development

meet our Rebels

There’s a little something in each of us that finds satisfaction in defying the norm. So to honor that rebellious spirit, we chose historical icons who left a legacy by living life on their own terms. 

Wildly independent.

Josephine “Eau-De-Vie”

Like the seductive and rebellious cultural rebel Josephine Baker, our “Eau-De-Vie” has a taste of its own. Uniquely flavored with apple, pear, mango, and sweet molasses gives it a smooth yet complex taste that defies the norm.

Our Process Makes the Difference

Eau-De-Vie is a French spirit that literally means "water of life." It’s typically a clear, un-aged fruit brandy with a light flavor that is produced by fermentation and double distillation. But Josephine isn’t your typical Eau-De-Vie. We've put our own spin on it and crossed it with a rum. We start by blending our own mash with wine and then double distilling for an experience that some customers say they can “drink all night.” The best way to describe it is unbelievably delicious.

Josephine Baker was a progressive woman in the entertainment world who "did it all."

After WWII, during which she played an active role with the Resistance, she helped refugees and adopted 11 displaced and impoverished children from different nations. Through the 60s, she spent her time and fortune on numerous humanitarian efforts and the Civil Rights movement. 

Explore new boundaries.

Lorenz Cinnamon Rum

Inspired by the Danish Arctic explorer, Lorenz Peter Freuchen, our cinnamon rum is creatively crafted to deliver a unique taste for those who are looking for something new. Vapor infused with organic cinnamon, vanilla bean and sweet table molasses embodies a flavor that quickly becomes a crowd favorite. 

Rum with a Twist

Yeast makes a huge difference when it comes to flavor. In our Lorenz product, we use two different kinds of yeast to create a smooth, rich taste. To make it even more unique, we use a gin basket (typically used to infuse gin) to infuse the blended flavors into our rum. We use a triple distillation process, just enough but not too much to compromise flavor.

Lorenz, a Danish explorer, author and anthropologist, was a lover of nature with a great respect for the Inuit culture as he explored the Arctic.

He defied death on several occasions throughout his life: being trapped in an avalanche during a dogsled exploration across Greenland and being imprisoned as a Jew and sentenced to death during WWII. 

With every bottle, we give back

Our vision is to give to organizations that honor a cause meaningful to the historical figures who've inspired our liquors. 

causes we support
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