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ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey

(2 customer reviews)


ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey

Forget everything you know about flavored whiskey. This ‘adult’ spirit is all natural, made with whiskey and cinnamon. No sugar.

Once you taste this, you’ll be forever ruined toward any other flavored whiskey. This vixen is unforgettable.

Nose and Aroma: Cinnamon Bread, Spice

Palate and Taste: Smooth, Spicy Cinnamon Roll

Body and Finish: Toasted Oak, Cinnamon Toast

Setting: Alone, with a ‘friend’, or at a party. How risqué are you feeling?

Mood: When you just need to give in to temptation


ABV: 40%


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2 reviews for ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey

  1. Crissy Villanueva (verified owner)

    Bought the ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey and it was a big hit. Makes a delicious Old Fashioned. I would definitely recommend ScandaLust.

  2. Josias Garcia (verified owner)

    It smells tastes like cinnamon tea with no sugar. Over all best cinnamon whiskey I have ever had

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