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What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding (Regulation CF Crowdfunding) is a relatively new concept. It was introduced in 2016 via the JOBS act. It allows non-accredited investors to invest in companies. Accredited investors have to prove a net worth of over 1 million, or a large annual income. It’s defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This new regulation allows regular people to get in the game.

What does my money get me?

Your investment would be purchasing non-voting equity shares in the company. Similar to how publicly traded stocks work, you would own a part of the company.

How will I know the value of my equity at any time?

There is no real-time ticker tape for private equity share prices. The only time a formal valuation is performed is when there is an equity offering or an acquisition. You can keep track of how the company is doing by signing up for email newsletters and following us on social media for major news.

Does the investment pay dividends?

There are not currently dividends for shares owned. We are putting all funds into growing the company, so that all shareholders may see a bigger return, sooner.

Do investors get free samples, a discount, or other perks?

We do not offer samples nor discounts at this time. We are focused on investing as much capital into growing the company as possible. It is not financially viable to give away profitable product. There are perks listed on the campaign page for different levels of investment such as glasses, private tours, etc.

What's the ROI?

You would have the option to sell your equity based on the numbers of shares you own and the valuation at the time of the sale or event.

Where can I buy the products?

If you’re in Utah, you can order online and pick up at the distillery in Pleasant Grove, Utah. If you’re out of Utah, most states can buy online and have it shipped to your home.

What are your products?

Josephine is like nothing else on the market. We think of it as an American Eau de Vie meets a rum, but with a touch of cognac. Josephine starts with many fresh pure fruit juices fermented together with a special yeast that captures the flavor of each one. Then upon distillation, wine is added to the still along with the fermented fruit juices. After distillation, Josephine is rested in toasted oak to add a slightly smoky character and light color. If you enjoy whiskey, bourbon, cognac, armagnac, brandy, or eau de vie, you have to try Josephine. It also pairs especially well with a fine cigar.

Lorenz is very much like a rum, but better. It’s made with a mash of both molasses and piloncillo, and distilled through a botanical basket to vapor infuse it with real vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. It never has any additives or sweeteners.

We are always developing more products. Whiskey and Armagnac drinkers will love our next release.
Stay Tuned.

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