Clear Water Distillery

Defiantly Different

Handcrafted premium liquor inspired by the inner
rebel in each of us. 

coming soon 2020


Be Defiantly Different

Clear Water Distilling Co.

Defiantly Different

Handcrafted premium liquor inspired by the inner
rebel in each of us. 

coming soon 2020

Open your world to a whole new taste.

Once you’ve experienced a creative cocktail from a modern mixologist, it’s hard to go back to your old-time classic. It’s the same feeling we get around distilling liquors. 

Once the traditional rules have been broken in the distillation process, it’s not easy to forget the new flavor that’s been discovered. But that’s exactly what we do. We distill in a creative way that deviates from traditional standards. By doing so, we get rich flavorful spirits that can’t be labeled within a particular category. 

But let’s be honest, who likes to be labeled anyway?  

Defy tradition and discover something new.

Before specialty coffee shops, no one tasted the sweet blend of a frappuccino. Before craft breweries, very few experienced an IPA that we now can’t live without. Before Clear Water, no one has tasted a premium liquor that satisfies quite like ours. 
Just as a mixologist may not have a name for their creative twist, our spirits don’t fit on the shelf in a traditional category. But that’s what makes our premium quality taste even better. 
We proudly stand apart. 

“A distillery that colors outside the lines; our fearless innovation crafts incredible taste without being confined by standard categories.”
--Matt Eau Claire

meet our Rebels

There’s a little something in each of us that finds satisfaction in defying the norm. So to honor that rebellious spirit, we chose historical icons who left a legacy by living life on their own terms. 

Wildly independent.

Josephine “Eau-De-Vie”

Like the seductive and rebellious cultural rebel Josephine Baker, our “Eau-De-Vie” has a taste of its own.

Get to Know Josephine

Explore new boundaries.

Lorenz Cinnamon Rum

Inspired by the Danish Arctic explorer, Lorenz Peter Freuchen, our cinnamon rum is creatively crafted to deliver a unique taste for those who are looking for something new.

Discover Lorenz

what makes us different?

Just like the iconic figures we take our inspiration from, we’re not afraid to do things differently. We push boundaries and experiment with fresh, organic and unique ingredients combined with non-traditional techniques to create a flavor that stands above the norm. 


We take time to select the perfect yeast combinations that give our products the exact flavor profile and premium taste you’re looking for.


We’re not afraid to experiment with unique ingredients. But whatever it is, we start with the freshest quality to ensure the best flavor.


Distilling multiple times results in a higher alcohol volume but loses flavor in the process; we’ve found the sweet spot that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or quality.

With every bottle, we give back

Our vision is to give to organizations that honor a cause meaningful to the historical figures who've inspired our liquors. 

causes we support
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